Q. What are Jackdaw Journeys requirements to travel during Covid times?

A. Jackdaw Journeys complies with all CDC international travel requirements specifically for France.

Q. Who is considered fully vaccinated?

A. Guest are considered fully vaccinated two weeks after their second dose in a two-dose series, such as the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine. Or, two weeks after a single-dose vaccine such as Johnson and Johnson.

Q. What do I do before I travel with Jackdaw Journeys?

A. Make sure you understand and follow all airline and destination requirements related to travel, mask wearing, testing or quarantine, which may be different from U.S. requirements. Stay current with CDC regulations as Covid restrictions and requirements change daily.

Q. Do I still need personal travel insurance before traveling with Jackdaw Journeys?

A. Yes, you still need personal travel insurance before embarking on a Jackdaw Journeys tour. We recommend checking with your airline for suggestions or investigating agencies online for travel insurance companies that provide policies stating, “Cancel for any reason.”

Q. What distinguishes a Jackdaw Journeys Tour apart from other tours of Provence, France?
A. Five big differences make our Provence Tours unique unto themselves.
First, by limiting each tour to a maximum of 10 Guests, we ensure an intimate experience—and that you’ll never feel like you’re on a typical package tour, being herded on and off large coach buses.
And that’s the second thing—there aren’t any coach buses. We travel in smaller, comfortable vehicles, allowing us to go far off the beaten path to places those large coach buses never could. Most notably, our tours are walking-intensive… exploring the magical charm of rarely seen villages and vistas—the heart and soul of Provence.

Our third distinguishing feature is that our tours aren’t structured rigidly, allowing ample options for spending time as you wish.

Next, our tours include options for French cooking classes with a Michelin Star rated Chef—a richly rewarding experience.

Last and far from least, and in addition to touring Provence, our Guests are also treated to the French Riviera—adding extraordinary value to an already incredible trip of a lifetime.

Q. What makes Jackdaw Journeys better than large, corporate tour companies?
A. First of all, you’ll NEVER have to wear a name tag around your neck. Instead, your Jackdaw Journeys experience begins with your own complimentary package of selected French gifts.
Jackdaw Journeys was founded and is run by a single owner, Dee Poquette—who also happens to be your Personal Tour Guide for the entire trip. Additionally, Dee is easily reached to answer any of your questions before, during and after your trip.
Q. I’m not a fan of fast-paced tours that move me around a lot… what’s a Jackdaw Journeys Tour like?
A. We move at a much more relaxed pace than most tours.
While we follow an itinerary, our comparatively tiny group size allows us the luxury of making unexpected stops along the way. For example, if we happen upon an interesting looking antique store or outdoor market, we can simply stop and explore… just part of what makes our “off the beaten path” difference all the more fun and exciting!

And while our itinerary involves different locations, we tour in utterly unique ways that give our Guests ADDED VALUE in the form of exposure to less traveled destinations and pleasures—from quaint villages to charming hotels, the French Riviera, a greater variety of authentic French foods and more.

And once again, due to our small size, you’ll NEVER waste precious moments or photo ops being herded on and off coach buses.

Q. What ʼs included in a Jackdaw Journeys Tour?
A. Your Jackdaw Journeys Tour includes:

Welcome Kit including your detailed itinerary and a Jackdaw Journeys market bag.

Licensed, comfortable Mercedes transportation (gas, tolls and parking included) for each destination and activity. This includes transfer from Nice airport to our first hotel upon your arrival to beautiful Southern France – all guests will be asked to arrive at the same time so we can coordinate the group pickup and kick off the tour together.

Accommodations (room + tax) for 9 nights through the duration of our tour. Incidentals are on own.

Breakfast each morning (9 days).

1 Lunch included – most days we are out and about and grab lunch while exploring.

1 Welcome dinner – the beauty of our tour is we have the ability to experience the many tastes of Provence, and guests enjoy the local restaurants and cafes or a simple supper of goods from the farmers market (local bread, cheese, charcuterie and wine)!

Group tour of La Maison Godet Parfumeur in Saint Paul de Vence

1-2 Cookery classes. (May change due to Covid-19 issues.)

Three hour walking food tour in the beautiful city of Aix-en-Provence.

Wine tasting in the sun kissed hills of Bandol.

Boat ride along the French Riviera.

Tour a 121 year old soap factory in Salon de Provence.

Priceless memories and new friends along the way.

Q. What ’s NOT included in a Jackdaw Journeys Tour?
A. Your Jackdaw Journeys Tour does NOT include:
Flights – Your flights to & from your home to Nice are not included in our tour package. We recommend using such online resources as kayak.com or hopper.com to search for the best flight costs. We’ve also found that flight searches on Tuesday nights are sometimes best for landing great deals!

Travel InsuranceWe recommend travel insurance for all our Guests.

Any meals not specified in the “what’s included” section – We’ve designed our itinerary so that our Guests can experience Provence optimally. Some meals are included but for those that aren’t, the beauty of our tour is the flexibility to eat with the group, or do what suits you best. Our goal is for you to truly relax and rejuvenate, never feeling strapped to a rigid timeline or itinerary.

Your return transfer to Nice Airport – Some Guests decide to tack on a few extra days, while others may opt to leave on our last ‘official’ day. You Guide will arrange for your transportation back to the airport, depending on flight times and schedules—however, each Guest is responsible for paying for that transportation (if leaving from our last hotel in Nice, this cost is typically $15-$20/person,as we are only about 25-30 minutes away).

Q. Who is your typical Guest, and where do they come from?
A. Our Guests include Francophiles, seasoned and first-time travelers, alike.
Jackdaw Journeys happens to be based in Connecticut, US, thus one might assume that our Guests come largely from the Tri-State Area of Connecticut, New York and New Jersey. However, our Guests hail from all over—including from France and points throughout the globe.

Jackdaw Journeys truly is an experience for the senses, set in magical Provence and The French Riviera. We hope you’ll join us, soon!