Dreaming of the sights and sounds of Provence? In my last post, I shared about the transformative experience of travel and I know from my personal experience that when you experience the sights and sounds of Provence you will for sure be transformed. 

We plan out trips based on what we want to experience not based on the date or which airline we are going to fly on. Our senses and our sense of adventure is the first part of our minds to be engaged as we imagine the feeling and experience of the journey. Provence is a place that will not disappoint your senses. Our Jackdaw Journeys’ itineraries are curated to enhance your experience – like adding the right herbs and spices to your recipes. Something the French do to perfection. 


The Sights

When you talk about the sights of Provence the natural landscape should be the first thing you put on your list. The area has so much to offer; truly a riches of natural beauty. You will be enchanted by the Mediterranean coastline, beaches, harbors and mountains. The natural beauty blends perfectly with the picturesque and historic villages. The history, the colors (reds, yellows, and blues), and the natural beauty of Provence have been captured by many an artist, notably famous ones like Henri Matisse, Paul Cézanne and Vincent van Gogh to name a few. 

The markets are another sight not to be missed. Here you will find the best of Provençal experience. You will be forever impressed by the hum of activity, the colors, and the sheer volume of offerings to be had. There are the Saturday morning markets in Aix, as well as the Marché aux Fleurs (flower market) and the food markets at Place Richelme and in Vieux Nice. Plus not to be missed, is the Sunday authentic brocante (antique) market of Le Sorgue. There is something to feast your eyes on at every turn. 

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The Sounds

When I say that you will be impressed by the hum of the markets I am not exaggerating. There is an electric energy that happens at a French market. You will hear the vendors shouting out in French, visitors testing out their language skills, sounds of bartering, and sounds of joy and laughter – it is a well-orchestrated symphony. La musique provençale!

Are you feeling transported? The memories that you will make from experiencing the sights and sounds of Provence will be forever etched in your heart.  When you get a glimpse of a rich blue body of water or hear the bustling sounds of a busy market you will be transported back to your experience in Provence. 

Jackdaw Journeys cultivates the sights and sounds of Provence in every season and we focus on an intimate and immersive experience for our guests. If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of joining us I want to invite you to start dreaming about how you will be transformed by this beautiful part of the world, then reach out and book your spot on one of our next journeys! 


Laissez-vous transformer par les images et les sons de la Provence.
(Be transformed by the sights and sounds of Provence!)