Jackdaw Journeys is all about the story of our love of Provence but, our Provence and Morroco Connection is also an interesting story to share.

When you come on one of our tours you experience a small group feeling and that is in large part to the fact that we don’t move you about in a big bus, but instead, we have a private driver that knows the places we are visiting first hand. Faoud Zarrou of France Azur Excursions is our private driver and one of our best-kept not-so-secret weapons that make our trips special. 

Faoud and Jackdaw have been collaborating together for the past three seasons of trips in Provence, and he is an integral part of our tour. We met through another friend in Nice and on our first collaboration our partnership just clicked. He is not just a driver.  Faoud brings flavor to our trips through his humor, his intimate knowledge of the places we visit, and his expert ability to make adjustments as needed on the go so that our guests have the best experience possible.   

From Morocco to Provence

Born in Morocco, Faud moved to Paris at 18 and studied International Law at Unversity, working for three years in the legal profession but his passion was not confined to an office and its four walls. His passion was outside, in nature hiking and traveling and this took him to Provence. He moved to Nice and fell in love with what he says is one of the ‘most beautiful places in the world’. In Provence, he found the best nature had to offer – the mountains and the sea. 

Now 20 plus years of living in Nice, Faoud has his finger on the pulse of what are the must-see places for visitors and he built his company France Azur Excursions around providing a special ‘local’ view of these places. This is just the magic that he brings to Jackdaw Journeys.  Local knowledge with his unique, high-energy personality!

Take a look at this video on Instagram from a recent Jackdaw Journey tour where Faoud shared an impromptu French picnic for our guests. 

Returning Home

We all love to travel, but sometimes our travel means going home, and our Provence and Morocco connection is about Faoud sharing that he will be adding to his tour experience by taking guests on an adventure in his home country.  He is translating all that he has learned, sharing in hosting guests in Provence, and inviting them on an adventure in his native land, Morocco. 

“The trip encompasses both countryside and city.  We will discover hidden gems in the souks and explore bustling cities where ancient traditions meet modern ones, and also meet locals and visit some women-run cooperatives, enabling us to have a deeper, more authentic perspective on the Moroccan lifestyle.  And, of course, we will find the kitchen, as Moroccan cuisine and spices are known worldwide.”

To learn more about this amazing adventure visit Faoud’s website.

Keeping our Provence Connection

We are thrilled to have Faoud continue to join us this season as our driver, local expert, and friend of Jackdaw Journeys. Join him and me on one of our fabulous, intimate, and unforgettable tours. You can find our itinerary here