“When the good Lord begins to doubt the world,
he remembers he created Provence.”
~ Frederic Mistral

Frederic Mistral must have known that Provence is a must in any season, as with each season Provence boasts unique sights, smells, sounds, and delights for its visitors and residents alike. 

My love of Provence transcends the seasons. I’ve often shared the story of How the South of France Became the Birthplace of Jackdaw Journeys and this story is centered around my love for and my experiences in Provence (Read the full story here). So, if you were to ask me what season is the best to visit in, I would reply, all of them! 

Let me share a little of my knowledge and experience of each season with you, highlighting some of our other blog posts, and invite you to join us for one of our Jackdaw Journeys tours so that you may decide for yourself!

Spring in Provence

As the saying goes, ‘April showers bring May flowers”, which is true in Provence. Our Spring 2023 Jackdaw Journeys tour started with a little of Mother Natures’ showers but it did not dampen our spirits. In fact, the benefit of a little rain is that crowds are smaller and it makes getting around the narrow walkways in the ancient cities a little bit easier. I share some of this trip here

Spring in Provence also brings one of its quintessential experiences and that is the blooming lavender fields. All the colors of spring in Provence can be found in the landscape, the flora, the fauna, and the food. Read more in these past blog posts:


Summer in Provence

In contrast to the spring, summer in Provence like most cities can be more crowded as summer travelers go abroad. However, the temperatures are warm and the sights are alive with bright colors, from the brilliant blue waters of the Cote d’Azur to the vibrant hues of the fresh produce and flowers in the markets.  

Tour the markets and purchase all the elements you need for an authentic, French summer picnic, or get lost in the many market stalls as you search for that perfect treasure. Read more in these past blogs: 


Fall in Provence

Now, while I said that Provence is a must in any season, the fall in Provence holds a special place in my heart. The crowds are gone, the markets are busting with the fall harvest and the beaches are still busy – you can visit all the popular places without being elbow-to-elbow with tons of other travelers, and you won’t miss out on all the delicious French food or antique treasures. Here are a few past blog posts to give you a little more insider information:


Winter in Provence

Cooler temperatures will not turn you cold to travel in the South of France as there are so many things to warm your heart and soul. The holidays, while not celebrated as we do in the US, are filled with delicious food traditions, gathering together over food and mulled wine, and the markets are still filled with abundance for you to explore. Read a little more here:


Pick Your Season – They’re all a Must!

As you can see, Provence is a must in any season, and you will not be disappointed no matter the time of year you choose. Our Fall 2023 tour dates are ready for you, check them out here, and please reach out if you have questions or would like to book your spot.  You can reach us by email, or DM me on Instagram @jackdawjourneys

Here’s to your first or next adventure in this amazing part of France!